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I've had a deep passion for storytelling my whole life - whether it was writing short stories as a child, penning original plays in my adolescence, or more recently writing short films, ads, and feature-length screenplays. Writing is a bug I just can't kick.

In the last few years my scripts have won and placed highly in various screenwriting contests, been optioned by production companies, and were ranked in the top 5% of scripts on the prestigious 


Here are some of my original works. Hope you enjoy. 

Like something and want to read the full thing?

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Psychological Thriller, Sci-fi, feature, 100 pages

What if a human could catch a computer virus?

During the course of her research, a reclusive PhD student accidentally infects herself with a computer virus, and must find a way to save herself before her brain shuts down. 
But is she truly infected? Or has her stress and past trauma finally caused her to snap?



Thriller, feature, 93 pages

Dani - young, female, and Native Mohawk - smuggles cocaine across the Canada-U.S. border using the Akwesasne Native Reservation in order to pay off a debt she inherited from her missing brother to a shady drug dealer.


Thriller, feature, 97 pages

A workaholic lawyer with a heart condition takes on a case in order to defend a military veteran who prevented a would-be mass shooting. But after digging deeper, the lawyer begins to question whether this 'hero' is in fact the 'villain', as his own guilt and past trauma leave him unable to let the case go.

Blank Canvases

Dark Comedy, Drama, feature, 111 pages

A painter who believes the cliche that great art only comes from great pain, makes his own life miserable on purpose in his quest for artistic immortality, only to be roadblocked when a group of his paintings comes to life demanding better treatment. Now unable to paint, he finds himself in a place he never thought he would be: In love.


Yes Chef

Comedy, feature, 93 pages

An ambitious chef suddenly gains the power to control people's emotions with her food. And uses and abuses it to pursuit her dream of winning a Michelin star. But while she finds success along the way, manipulating people's emotions can only lead her to ruin.

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